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What Makes an Ad Work Well?

Creating an effective ad campaign is an art form. To some, running social media ad campaigns are a mundane, everyday occurrence. While to others, it's a daunting task, deserving the upmost attention to detail. Some will succeed, and others will fail. The cornerstone of the most effective campaigns is always understanding your audience. When I'm taking on a new client, I always start my creative process in the shoes of the ideal customer, and then work my way up. The analytics below, are an example of this process, in conjunction with a split-test. While these numbers aren't the best in the world, they serve as more of a learning tool than an actual advertisement.

After only a day of promotion and less than ten dollars spent, we've gathered some very useful information. The two campaigns on top are for separate, previously defined audiences. Being that the goal is to get the word out about a commercial vehicle lot, one geared towards the demographics of "HVAC" and one for "Contractors". These split tests are crucial in the process of isolating more effective demographics to market to. Through comparing these results we learn that the audience defined by "Contractor" performs almost twice as well as our "HVAC" Audience, as far as cost-per-click. We can then work to find out what it is that is causing this trend, and exploit it.

This was simply a test ad, for a newly opened pre-owned Commercial Vehicle Dealership. The benefit of spending this ten dollars today, is that we could spend less tomorrow, while still reaching the same kind of customer. We now know that the audience defined by "Contractor" is reaching people who display both interest, and Buying intent. This is KEY. You don't need to waste your ad budget, marketing to people who don't intend to buy. Once the most effective audience is defined, then it's time to bring in the real ad budget, and roll out the most effective campaign this owner has ever seen!

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